About Us

Every Body is Beautiful!

Dana Beidler

There's nothing quite like home: no matter where I move, Texas pulls me back in.  I previously worked in the pharmacy and chiropractic fields, but have always been intrigued by the spa and beauty industry.  Before I discovered spray tanning, I was all about the tanning beds and lying out in the sun.  However, after my first sunless tan, my mind was blown by how natural-looking a good spray tan can be.  The way I felt was really what inspired me to become a spray tan artist; I absolutely love how it has made me feel. I finally had the confidence that my glow on the inside matches the glow on the outside. I cannot wait to be able to help others reach the happiness and confidence I feel with a beautiful natural looking spray tan

Laila Wilcher

Navy Veteran, licensed massage therapist, massage therapy instructor, certified spray tan technician, and have a B.S. and M.S. in Kinesiology...You could say I've done about everything!  I moved to Texas in 2011 after honorably separating from the military and started a small spa in 2016.  I had an opportunity to buy a complete spray tanning arena and kit for a song and have been passionate about airbrush tanning since.  I am thrilled to help you look and feel even more beautiful!